Saturday, 17 September 2011

Leek, Onion and Ham Quiche

Since I stayed home this afternoon, I got time to think and prepare dinner ahead (for once): leek, onion and ham quiche.
My mum makes quiches with anything. Her traditional one is the Quiche Lorraine (which I thought was made just for me, until I was old enough to understand it was not - big deception there!!). Quiche Lorraine was originally made of egg, cream and bacon only. We now add cheese (gruyere), and other ingredients such as onions etc.
I make quiches with leeks, simply because I love leeks.
The best dough for quiches in general is bread dough. Making dough scares people, but it's very easy and you really can't miss it.
For a large quiche or tarte you need to knead 200gr of plain flour, a pinch of salt, 100gr of margarine (vegetable oil butter), and half a glass of water. Knead for a good 5 minutes until you get a soft, bouncy and elastic dough.

Ingredients for the quiche:
The amounts vary on the size of the dish and quiche you make. 
3 leeks
1 large onion
3 eggs
120ml single cream
120ml milk
(If this is not enough, 150ml/150ml)
salt, pepper
gruyere cheese
(Optional: bacon, goat's cheese instead of Gruyere)

Preheat the oven to 220°C.
Thinly slice the leeks and onions and gently cook them for 20-30min.
Prepare the bread dough at the same time. Line it in the pastry case. Spread the cooked leeks and onions on the dough. Scatter pieces of ham over the leeks.
Beat the 3 eggs, the milk and cream. Add salt and pepper to your taste and pour the filling into the pastry case. Scatter Gruyere on top and bake for 40-45min. The result is here:

Serve freshly baked. although it is also good the day after, or cold. I freeze some portions and take one to work from time to time. It is always good to have a portion in the freezer.. just in case..

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