Sunday, 8 January 2012


Madeleine is a small sponge cake from the north east of France. It normally has a distinctive shell-like shape. (there are special baking trays to make them). At home, we eat them with a coffee, after lunch or for an afternoon snack, le "quatre-heures" (4pm-snack), and this is exactly what I am gonna do today. I had a small lunch to indulge myself a treat this afternoon :-)
Madeleines can either have a lemony or vanilla taste. I made this batch vanilla ones.

Ingredients for approx 18 madeleines:
190gr sugar
3 eggs
240gr plain flour
6g baking powder
90gr melted butter
75gr milk
1 tsp vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 200 to 220°C.
In a bowl, mix the sugar, vanilla, eggs, and half the milk until getting a frothy mix. Add in the flour, little by little. whisking well. Add the remaining of the milk, then finish by pouring in the melted butter. Mix well. Fill the trays using a pipping bag or a spoon. Leave to rest for a few minutes. Bake in the lower half of the oven for around 15 min (I baked mine 18 min). Remove the madeleines from the tray and leave to cool down. Try dipping them in your coffee or hot chocolate.. mmmm sooo yummy!

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